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August 19-26, 2013 Issue

Cover art by: design by Robert Best

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  • Editorials

    Bankrupting Democracy in Detroit

    The citizens of one of our largest cities are being shut out of the decisions that will affect their future.

    John Nichols

  • Are Street Protests Next in the Fight Over Education Reform?

    Showdowns in Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City and beyond have turned out parents and teachers in droves—and revealed how out of touch education reformers really are.

    Amy B. Dean

  • Fed Up With Larry Summers

    His appointment as next chair of the Federal Reserve would be a clear sign that narrow financial interests are still in charge of the Democratic Party.

    William Greider

  • Scandals Are Us

    New York City mayoral candidate Christine Quinn says Anthony Weiner’s sexual behavior inspires disgust. In another era, hers would have too.

    JoAnn Wypijewski

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