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April 28, 2003 Issue

Tom Goldstein praises Peter Arnett, Scott Balduf worries from Afghanistan and Naomi Klein cautions against the impending privatization of Ir…

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The War Democrats

The Democratic Leadership Council, the lost-inside-the-Beltway group that last fall championed the disastrous Democratic strategy of cozying up to the Bush Administration on...

A Pox on America

In December, when hospitals in Atlanta and Richmond announced that they were opting out of the federal smallpox vaccination plan, opinion leaders reacted as if the physician...

The Firing of Peter Arnett

On March 19, shortly after Saddam Hussein defied President Bush's deadline to go into exile, Tom Brokaw of NBC broke into Law & Order, airing on the East Coast, t...

Kommissar Kristol

William Kristol's April 7 editorial in The Weekly Standard denouncing critics of the war on Iraq as "anti-American" is startlingly reminiscent of the menacing directi...


Privatization in Disguise

On April 6, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz spelled it out: There will be no role for the United Nations in setting up an interim government in Iraq.



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