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April 16, 2012 Issue

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  • Editorials

    Trayvon Martin: Guilty of Being Black

    As long as black men are assumed to be armed and dangerous, Stand Your Ground laws will produce more Trayvon Martins.

    the Editors

  • Do Republicans Think They Can Win Without Women?

    If they believe that in exercising control over women's reproductive functions, they will also control women's voices, they are wrong.

    Carol Gilligan

  • Noted.

    Zoë Carpenter on a community radio victory, Dana Frank on the White House support for Honduras, James Murphy on Ireland's Can't Pay Won't Pay Movement, Eric Alterman on Mike Daisey, plus a new poll on Afghanistan.

    Various Contributors

  • Mike Check: A Few More Words on L’Affaire Daisey

    In his defense, the embattled monologist stressed the differences between theater and journalism. Did he have a point?

    Alisa Solomon

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