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April 16, 2007 Issue

The Editors measure the impact of Congress’s Iraq exit strategies, Graham Usher explores Pakistan’s instability, Arthur C. Danto…

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A Turning Point

By voting to set a timetable to withdraw from Iraq, the House and Senate are finally at the table, challenging Bush's war-making.

A Wider Corruption

The US Attorneys scandal sheds light on a broader pattern of transforming government agencies into a permanent GOP patronage machine.

Attorneygate in Guam

Before there was Attorneygate, there was the 2002 firing of a US Attorney in Guam engaged in a prosecution of Jack Abramoff. Anyone see a pattern here?





Santa Monica, Calif.

So Ari Berman thinks, "The rap on Baucus is that he has always valued h...


Gitmo Justice

David Hicks pleads guilty and goes free, while the Supreme Court denies nearly 400 other terror suspects their day in court. This is justice?

Denial in the Desert

Abrupt climate change is rapidly turning the American West into a desert. But a culture in denial continues rampant suburbanization, fueled by the delusion that our water supply is...

The Sum of Our Fears

The money we've wasted on unseen terrorists, nonexistent WMDs and phantom pedophiles could have been used to address any number of legitimate threats.

Books & the Arts

A Free Man

Madison Smartt Bell's new biography of Toussaint Louverture explores the complexities of the man who created modern Haiti.

Body Language

A new "ethnic correctness" is taking hold among minorities that might reverse a rising trend among Asians and others to undergo plastic surgery to look more westernized.

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