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April 14, 2008 Issue

Cover art by: Cover design by Gene Case & Stephen Kling/Avenging Angels

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  • Features

    India: What Ails the Giant?

    The west routinely celebrates the Indian economy as a stirring giant, but the worsening plight of the rural poor tells a different story: A conversation with Prabhat Patnaik.

    Jayati Vora

  • Politics at a Price

    A former GOP fundraiser talks about donor psychology, disillusionment and the high cost of winning.

    Chris Hayes and Te-Ping Chen

  • YouTube for Smart People

    Big Think seeks to smarten up the Internet by getting up close and intellectual with the most creative thinkers alive.

    Ari Melber

  • The Lessons of Basra

    The latest round of Iraq's Shiite vs. Shiite civil war was to have been Bush's defining moment. The result: utter humiliation for the US and the Iraqi government.

    Bob Dreyfuss

  • Unlawful Influence at Gitmo

    Lieut. Cmdr. Brian Mizer has filed a motion to dismiss charges against Salim Hamdan, in light of new evidence documenting the improper involvement of political appointees.

    Ross Tuttle

  • Girl Talk

    This week's episode of Citizen Kang: The Congresswoman and a lobbyist get down with some cuisine and chat about evildoers, while the game's afoot in other quarters.

    Gary Phillips

  • Water Warriors

    Not everyone considers access to water to be a human right. A global water justice movement is changing that notion.

    Maude Barlow

  • Who Are They Calling Elitist?

    Why do conservatives continue to feel oppressed by the "liberal elite"?

    Eric Alterman

  • Is This the Big One?

    The blowback of housing deflation on our overleveraged financial markets has seriously constricted the flow of credit--the lifeblood of the world's largest debtor economy.

    Jeff Faux