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The Liberal Media

  • November 17, 2005

    The Lies That Bind

    Lack of candor is not surprising from Bush or Ahmad Chalabi, but why does the New York Times continue to struggle with the truth about Judith Miller? The Gray Lady might solve the problem by banning anonymous Administration sources in its news reports. If they're going to lie to us anyway, why not under their own names?

    Eric Alterman

  • November 3, 2005

    Can We Talk?

    Liberals need to find a means to bridge the gap between Americans' belief in liberal solutions and their willingness to trust liberals to enact them.

    Eric Alterman

  • October 20, 2005

    Corrupt, Incompetent and ‘Off Center’

    With leading Republicans facing the slammer and Bush in a tailspin, fate has given liberals a huge opportunity. Americans already share our values--we need a new language to help connect peoples' deepest needs to the liberal vision.

    Eric Alterman

  • October 6, 2005

    The First Time Was Tragedy…

    As the Bush Administration's incompetence turns Iraq into a terrorist training camp, Americans should look to FDR, who waged war for unavoidable threats, not ideology, while still fostering good will among US allies.

    Eric Alterman

  • September 22, 2005

    New Orleans Is Us

    New Orleans was not an unpredictable disaster--it was a model for the incompetence of the Bush Administration. And when the next disaster comes, we will all be under water.

    Eric Alterman

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  • September 8, 2005

    Found in the Flood

    The most remarkable aspect of the media's treatment of the hurricane coverage was the return of the poor, in coverage that was neither condescending nor condemnatory.

    Eric Alterman

  • August 25, 2005

    The Red State Times, Continued

    The so-called liberal New York Times bashed Bill Clinton every chance it got, and whitewashes Ed Meese. Go figure.

    Eric Alterman

  • July 28, 2005

    The Times, It Is A-Ragin’

    Even so-called liberal publications frequently tilt rightward.

    Eric Alterman

  • June 29, 2005

    Lying Liars & the Presidents Who Employ Them

    The media passed along without prejudice Karl Rove's deliberate distortions of Richard Durbin's words.

    Eric Alterman

  • June 16, 2005

    Clinton Agonistes

    John Harris's history of the Clinton Administration deserves much of the praise it has received, but it ignores the media's anti-Clinton animus.

    Eric Alterman