West and East West and East

In Maastricht twelve members of the European Community reached another stage on the road toward some form of union, notably with the pledge to introduce a common currency, the ec...

Jan 2, 1998 / Editorial / Daniel Singer

Dawn in Poland Dawn in Poland

Dual power, Lenin wrote, cannot last long. But just how long?

Jan 2, 1998 / Editorial / Daniel Singer

Rouge et Noir Rouge et Noir

Were there half a million or a million people marching in the Parisian drizzle on January 16? No one can say.

Jan 2, 1998 / Editorial / Daniel Singer

La Peste La Peste


Jan 2, 1998 / Editorial / Daniel Singer

The Adolescent Lockup The Adolescent Lockup

Not so long ago politicians campaigned by kissing babies. Today, they lock children in jail.

Jun 19, 1997 / Editorial / Bruce Shapiro

Kosovo Waits Kosovo Waits

Branko Brudar smiles and tells the new war joke, while carefully placing the Turkish coffee pot on the small office hot plate. "Until when will the Serbs and Croats fight?" goes...

Jan 8, 1993 / Editorial / Mariana Katzarova

Fred Rodell Fred Rodell

Fred Rodell is largely forgotten these days, but as the "bad boy of American legal academia" he inspired several generations of Yale Law School students to think differently about ...

Jun 21, 1980 / Editorial / Sidney Zion

Roe v. Wade Roe v. Wade

The Supreme Court gives women the right to choose while also rendering an important lesson on the practical workings of democracy.

Feb 5, 1973 / Editorial / The Editors

Slaughter at Attica Slaughter at Attica

New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller turns a prison-wide protest into a wholesale slaughter.

Sep 27, 1971 / Editorial / The Editors

Euthanasia—Pro and Con Euthanasia—Pro and Con

To kill or not to kill: Two experts debate the morality of euthanasia.

Jan 28, 1950 / Editorial / Various Contributors