Questions for Ashcroft Questions for Ashcroft

As the Senate begins its hearings on the nomination of John Ashcroft as Attorney General, it is important to focus on the different roles that his office plays in the administrati...

Jul 9, 2001 / Editorial / Leon Friedman

Hailing the Thief Hailing the Thief

In the wake of the controversial Supreme Court decision that put him in office, George W. Bush's inauguration was filled with protests.

Jan 25, 2001 / Editorial / Ben Ehrenreich

Secret Arrests Are an Odious Concept Secret Arrests Are an Odious Concept

Following the September 11 attacks, the federal government rounded up more than 1,000 people and detained them without revealing their identities.

Aug 5, 2002 / Editorial / The Editors

All Together Now… All Together Now…

It was not without warning that Congress voted to end welfare-as-we-knew-it in 1996, but still, it seemed to catch the progressive community off-guard.

Jan 17, 2002 / Editorial / The Editors

Pardons in Perspective Pardons in Perspective

We learned a few things from Dan Burton's hearings into the Clinton pardons. We learned that Bill Clinton's pardon of billionaire expatriate Marc Rich was no last-minute rush job.

Mar 6, 2001 / Editorial / The Editors

The Jeffords Jump The Jeffords Jump

"What do we do now?" That famous last line of the 1972 film The Candidate, in which Robert Redford finds himself--to his surprise--elected to the Senate, should be on the minds of...

May 23, 2001 / Editorial / David Corn

Gore’s Supreme Challenge Gore’s Supreme Challenge

If I had been so bold as to have wagered that Al Gore would succeed in the latest Supreme Court round, I would have quickly called my bookie this morning after breakfasting in the...

Dec 11, 2001 / Editorial / David Corn

Crispy Supreme Arguments Crispy Supreme Arguments

In Gore Vidal's novel of post-World War I Washington, Hollywood, the toughest ticket in town is a pass to the Senate debate on the League of Nations treaty.

Dec 1, 2001 / Editorial / David Corn

Popping Dimples Popping Dimples

Will Al Gore become the Dimpled President?

Jul 9, 2001 / Editorial / David Corn

Death and Disparity Death and Disparity

To write a letter on behalf of Juan Raul Garza, as well as the other prisoners currently on state and federal death row, visit our Death Row Roll Call.

Jun 15, 2001 / Editorial / David Cole