Victor Navasky

Publisher Emeritus

Victor S. Navasky served as editor, publisher, and publisher emeritus of The Nation, and was the founder of its prestigious internship program, which is named in his honor.

Ford, Nixon, The Nation Ford, Nixon, The Nation

The story behind the story of Gerald Ford's pardon of Nixon.

Jan 4, 2007 / Books & the Arts / Victor Navasky

Leap into the Fray Leap into the Fray

The new generation of academics and scholars is challenged to join, elevate and improve the national conversation, and persuade the public to come back to politics.

May 30, 2006 / Feature / Victor Navasky

Editor Katrina vanden Heuvel and Publisher Victor Navasky pose for a joint portrait at the offices of The Nation on December 4, 2001.

Letter From the (Outgoing) Publisher Letter From the (Outgoing) Publisher

As Editor Katrina vanden Heuvel becomes the latest in a long line of publisher/owners of The Nation, Victor Navasky looks ahead to his new role as publisher emeritus and member of ...

Nov 10, 2005 / Editorial / Victor Navasky

State of the Magazines State of the Magazines

On both sides of the Atlantic, liberal news magazines facing declining circulation have started to play into the celebrity culture. But there are gems that have the power to carry ...

Oct 27, 2005 / Books & the Arts / Victor Navasky

The Rights of Journalists The Rights of Journalists

What's necessary to protect reporters' sources and the public's need to know?

Jul 14, 2005 / Feature / Victor Navasky

Deep Threat Deep Threat

Speculation about Deep Throat is a distraction from the threat of illegal government surveillance.

Jun 9, 2005 / Editorial / Victor Navasky

At a newsstand, a vendor reads an issue of Sports Illustrated magazine as he waits for customers, New York, New York, August 1954.

Protest and Survive Protest and Survive

Thoughts on the critical role of the journal of dissent in America.

Apr 28, 2005 / Feature / Victor Navasky

Where Rather Was Right Where Rather Was Right

When it comes to presidential politics there seem to be a half-dozen narratives favored by big (and small-minded) media: Who's ahead?, "Gotcha!", the (cynical) assumption that al...

Sep 23, 2004 / Editorial / Victor Navasky

The Real Story in Boston The Real Story in Boston

Everyone agrees. The story is that there is no story. The candidates have already been chosen. The platform has been written to avoid controversy.

Jul 29, 2004 / Editorial / Victor Navasky

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Oct 22, 2003 / Letters / Victor Navasky and Our Readers