Tom Gogola

Tom Gogola is an award-winning journalist and a former congressional district staffer in California’s North Bay.

Sinema Drinking Wine

Kyrsten Sinema’s Grapes of Wealth Kyrsten Sinema’s Grapes of Wealth

The Arizona senator’s wine-soaked politics offer a bold and colorful bouquet of disparate notes, with a hint of corruption.

Sep 16, 2021 / Tom Gogola

Life of the Party Life of the Party

I. It's My Birthday and I'll Lie if I Need To

Sep 11, 2004 / Feature / Tom Gogola

A Canvasser’s Journal A Canvasser’s Journal

Why canvassing sucks.

Aug 19, 2004 / Feature / Tom Gogola

Red Fox? Red Fox?

The contracts are signed, the treatment is being written and Fox Television plans to fast-track production on a ten- to twelve-hour miniseries based on lefty historian Howard Zin...

Mar 18, 1999 / Books & the Arts / Tom Gogola