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Sarah Goldstein

Sarah Goldstein was a fall 2005 intern at The Nation.

  • SocietyAugust 10, 2006

    Fierce Convictions

    Every other week, in the pages of this magazine, Katha Pollitt collects her thoughts in her column, “Subject to Debate.” To say that Pollitt’s column is a hotbed of feminist polemic is only par

    Sarah Goldstein

  • LawDecember 9, 2005

    Wrongly Held, Never Tried, Fighting Back

    The Tipton Three embody a nightmare scenario of the “war on terror”: Young British men visiting Pakistan for a wedding wound up accused of terrorism in Afghanistan, imprisoned and tortured at Guantánamo Bay, then released with no charges. Now they’re telling their story in the docu-drama, The Road to Guantánamo.

    Sarah Goldstein