Robert Alvarez

Robert Alvarez, an Institute for Policy Studies senior scholar, served as a senior policy adviser to the Secretary of Energy during the Clinton administration and wrote the recently released report Spent Nuclear Fuel Pools in the U.S.: Reducing the Deadly Risks of Storage (PDF), available for download at

Fixing America’s Nuclear Waste Storage Problem Fixing America’s Nuclear Waste Storage Problem

The spent-fuel pools at our reactors, containing thousands of tons of poorly protected but highly radioactive waste, are a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Jun 20, 2011 / Robert Alvarez

The Legacy of Hanford The Legacy of Hanford

Washington continues to evade responsibility for forty-seven years of contamination.

Jul 31, 2003 / Feature / Robert Alvarez

Letters Letters

GREECE [heart] MACEDONIA New York City Dusko Doder's assertion, in "Balkans Breakdown" [April 30], that Greece was against the Former Yugoslav Republic ...

May 17, 2001 / Letters / Robert Alvarez, Dusko Doder, William D. Hartung, and Dimitris Gemelos

DU at Home DU at Home

Depleted uranium constitutes one of largest radioactive and toxic-waste byproducts of the nuclear age. Over the past half-century, 700,000 metric tons of DU--more than half of a...

Mar 22, 2001 / Feature / Robert Alvarez

Aid for Nuclear Workers Aid for Nuclear Workers

Madame Curie's denial of radiation dangers is emblematic of the legacy we now face as America's romance with the atom draws to a close.

Sep 25, 2000 / Editorial / Robert Alvarez