Naomi Klein

Contributing Editor


Naomi Klein is a contributing editor for The Nation and the author of No Is Not Enough: Resisting Trump’s Shock Politics.

The New Apartheid The New Apartheid

Ashwin Desai's "We Are the Poors" is one of the best books yet on globalization and resistance.

Nov 26, 2002 / Books & the Arts / Naomi Klein

Booby Traps at Rio + 10 Booby Traps at Rio + 10

When Rio hosted the first Earth Summit in 1992, there was so much goodwill surrounding the event that it was nicknamed, without irony, the Summit to Save the World. This week in J...

Aug 29, 2002 / Editorial / Naomi Klein

Signs of the Times Signs of the Times

Protests against symbols of capitalism find themselves in a transformed landscape.

Oct 4, 2001 / Feature / Naomi Klein

Game Over

Game Over Game Over

The attacks on the Twin Towers show us an ugly truth too long believed in: that of the safe, antiseptic war.

Sep 17, 2001 / Editorial / Naomi Klein

A Fete for the End of the End of History A Fete for the End of the End of History

At Brazil's "counter-Davos," democracy was in; elitism, corporations were out.

Mar 1, 2001 / Feature / Naomi Klein

Cries in the Streets in LA Cries in the Streets in LA

Tonight is the finale for insiders and outsiders in Los Angeles this week: In a few hours, Al Gore will be giving his acceptance speech at the Staples Center.

Aug 24, 2000 / Editorial / Naomi Klein

The Vision Thing The Vision Thing

"This conference is not like other conferences."

Jun 22, 2000 / Feature / Naomi Klein

My Mafiaboy My Mafiaboy

Dear Mafiaboy,

Feb 23, 2000 / Editorial / Naomi Klein