Laura Hanna

Laura Hanna is a filmmaker who, with Astra Taylor, produces short-form documentaries for The Nation. Their New York-based production company, Hidden Driver, specializes in feature-length and short-form films focusing on intellectual, cultural and political issues

A California native, she has worked in all stages of production, as an editor, producer, sound recordist, post-production sound editor, mixer and designer. She is currently directing the documentary feature Megapolis.

VideoNation: A City Made of Waste VideoNation: A City Made of Waste

Architect Teddy Cruz investigates a new kind of urban ecology in Tijuana, where creative dwellings for the poor are being developed.

Jan 29, 2009 / Laura Hanna

The Commons The Commons

In our imperfect world, only the lucky few have access to wealth and cultural riches. There is a better way: it's called The Commons.

Jan 15, 2009 / Books & the Arts / Laura Hanna and Gavin Browning

No Bailout! No Bailout!

A look at the passionate protests on Wall Street in opposition to the $700 billion bailout proposal.

Sep 29, 2008 / Laura Hanna and The Nation Video

Winter Soldier Winter Soldier

In three days of wrenching public testimony in Washington, DC, Iraq War veterans shared the horrors of war.

Mar 24, 2008 / Laura Hanna and Laila Al-Arian

Christian Parenti: Congo Diary Christian Parenti: Congo Diary

The Nation's international correspondent journeys deep into the heart of the Congo Basin woodlands to see how a massive logging boom is decimating the world's second-largest tropi...

Oct 3, 2007 / Christian Parenti and Laura Hanna

The Shock Doctrine The Shock Doctrine

In this VideoNation report, Nation columnist Naomi Klein explains how after 9/11 the Bush Administration launched a new security economy, driven by the notion of an endless war aga...

Sep 18, 2007 / Naomi Klein and Laura Hanna

Bringing the War Home Bringing the War Home

Pointing imaginary guns and roughing up "Iraqi civilians", antiwar veterans brought the realities of the Iraq debacle to Manhattan, in a Memorial Day protest that turned Times Sq...

Jun 1, 2007 / Astra Taylor and Laura Hanna