Juan Cole


Juan Cole, the Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History at the University of Michigan, is the author, most recently, of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam: A New Translation From the Persian.

How to Get Out of Iraq How to Get Out of Iraq

Bush's ineptitude has made a regional war in the Middle East a real possibility. Can diplomacy find a way out?

Apr 9, 2007 / Editorial / Juan Cole

The Three-State Solution? The Three-State Solution?

All nations are modern inventions, but those fashioned in the Middle East show their scaffolding more than most.

Mar 11, 2004 / Books & the Arts / Juan Cole

Iran’s Tainted Elections Iran’s Tainted Elections

Iran's elections, scheduled for February 20, have provoked the gravest political crisis in that country in twenty years.

Feb 12, 2004 / Editorial / Juan Cole

Aiding Iran’s Students Aiding Iran’s Students

The Iranian student demonstrations that began on June 10 initially protested plans to privatize Teheran University and to raise tuition. They quickly became a forum for critici...

Jun 26, 2003 / Editorial / Juan Cole

Taking Aim at Iran Taking Aim at Iran

Right-wingers in Washington have begun preparing the ground for US action, perhaps even war, against Iran.

Jun 5, 2003 / Editorial / Juan Cole