Jonathan Schell

Peace and Disarmament Correspondent

Jonathan Schell (1943-2014) was the Lannan Fellow at The Nation Institute. His books include The Unconquerable World: Power, Nonviolence and the Will of the People, an analysis of people power, and The Seventh Decade: The New Shape of Nuclear Danger.

A Sense of Proportion

A Sense of Proportion A Sense of Proportion

The blow against the United States has landed. As we go to press, the counterblow is awaited. Those deciding what it will be face a devilish conundrum. A great injury seems to call…

Sep 20, 2001 / Editorial / Jonathan Schell

A Hole in the World A Hole in the World

The September 11 attacks show us our vulnerability—an especially terrifying prospect when paired with the threat of nuclear proliferation.

Sep 13, 2001 / Editorial / Jonathan Schell

The New Nuclear Danger The New Nuclear Danger

Policies are more confused than at any time since the weapons were invented.

Jun 7, 2001 / Feature / Jonathan Schell

War and Accountability War and Accountability

What exactly Bob Kerrey did one night in a Vietnamese community should concern every citizen.

May 3, 2001 / Editorial / Jonathan Schell

Alan Cranston Alan Cranston

After retiring from the Senate in 1993, Alan Cranston, who died on New Year's Eve of the new millennium in the home of his son Kim, began a new career that was as important as th...

Jan 5, 2001 / Editorial / Jonathan Schell

2001: A Force to Reckon With 2001: A Force to Reckon With

 Powerful elements converged to determine who would be president.

Dec 14, 2000 / Editorial / Jonathan Schell

Vesuvius Vesuvius

Whoever wins the legal battles over the election, and with them the presidency, recent events will cast a long shadow over American political life in the years ahead. For the fir...

Nov 30, 2000 / Editorial / Jonathan Schell

Manufacturing a Crisis Manufacturing a Crisis

The postelection battle for the presidency is without doubt some kind of crisis, but it's not easy to define precisely what kind. David Broder has suggested in the Washington Pos...

Nov 27, 2000 / Editorial / Jonathan Schell

The Butterfly Election The Butterfly Election

On Tuesday, November 14, exactly one week after Election Day (and with no President yet in sight), a notable though little-noted disclosure was made to the public. I do not mean ...

Nov 16, 2000 / Editorial / Jonathan Schell

The ‘Stealth Campaign’ The ‘Stealth Campaign’

This issue goes to press on Wednesday, November 8, the day after the election, when all was supposed to have been decided, all was to be made clear. Instead, a great bewilderment...

Nov 10, 2000 / Editorial / Jonathan Schell