John Feffer

John Feffer is the author of the dystopian novel Splinterlands (a Dispatch Books original); its final volume, Songlands, was published in 2021. He is  the director of Foreign Policy In Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies. He is a TomDispatch regular.

The Lies of Islamophobia The Lies of Islamophobia

When it comes to US foreign policy and the Muslim world, it’s as if we remain fixed in the eleventh century in a perpetual battle of “us” against “the...

Nov 8, 2010 / John Feffer

Pax Ottomanica? Pax Ottomanica?

How Turkey is chasing China to become the next big thing.

Jun 14, 2010 / John Feffer

Apocalypse Later Apocalypse Later

From 2016, a futurist looks back on 2008, where the seeds of the slow-mo apolcalypse now consuming the planet were planted.

Aug 28, 2008 / Feature / John Feffer

The Big Yam The Big Yam

Chinese hearts, minds and pocketbooks get a lot of attention from the Eastern and Western consumer markets.

Jan 31, 2008 / Books & the Arts / John Feffer

Big Red Checkbook Big Red Checkbook

America's foreign-policy establishment is struggling to find an appropriate response to China's soft power.

Oct 18, 2007 / Books & the Arts / John Feffer

Writers From the Other Asia Writers From the Other Asia

Four new books explore Korea's cold war hangover and the indelible mark left by its North-South division.

Aug 31, 2006 / Books & the Arts / John Feffer