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J. Hoberman

J. Hoberman has written, co-written, or edited 14 books, including The Red Atlantis: Communist Culture in the Absence of Communism and Film After Film (Or, What Became of 21st Century Cinema?).

  • Non-fictionSeptember 20, 2007

    Class Acts

    The left’s literary canon has neglected the contributions less-celebrated writers have made to the political significance of literature.

    J. Hoberman

  • FictionMay 18, 2006

    Supersize Misha

    Absurdistan is a stunning encore for novelist Gary Shteyngart, both the avatar of a new Jewish-American literature and an inveterate Eastern European trickster.

    J. Hoberman

  • Books and IdeasAugust 11, 2005

    The Twilight Zone

    Though Bergelson wrote in Germany during the 1920s, his stories in Shadows of Berlin are more focused on the past apocalypse than the impending one.

    J. Hoberman

  • February 24, 2005


    Yiddish, a national language that never had a nation-state, may no longer have millions of speakers, but it remains contested territory nonetheless.

    J. Hoberman

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  • Fine ArtNovember 24, 2004

    Pop and Circumstance

    You may recall the to-do occasioned two winters past by a certain shift in the mise-en-scène at the United Nations.

    J. Hoberman

  • BiographyNovember 20, 2003

    Phantom of the White House

    “We now live in a culture that’s hyperaware of the construction and manipulation of images in politics,” David Greenberg writes in Nixon’s Shadow.

    J. Hoberman