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Eric Alterman


Eric Alterman is “The Liberal Media” columnist for The Nation, where he has been a contributor since 1983. He is also Distinguished Professor of English, Brooklyn College, City University of New York.

Alterman is the author of the national bestseller, What Liberal Media? The Truth About Bias and the News, and 10 other books, including the forthcoming Lying in State: Why Presidents Lie and Why Trump is Worse (Basic Books, June 2020). Winner of the George Orwell Prize, the Stephen Crane Literary Award, and the Mirror Award for media criticism (twice), he holds a PhD in US history from Stanford, an MA in international relations at Yale, and a BA from Cornell.

For more information, please visit, follow him on Facebook, or find him on Twitter @eric­_­­alterman.

  • MediaSeptember 9, 1999

    Little Limbaughs and the Fire Next Time

    Residents of Skaneateles, New York, complained to visiting reporters about the Clintons' decision to make themselves relatively scarce on their recent vacation.

    Eric Alterman

  • MediaFebruary 25, 1999

    Tilting at Rumor Mills

    Now that the Constitution has been rescued and sexual McCarthyism discredited, perhaps the most durable legacy of the Lewinsky mess is the central location of the right-wing slime machine on th

    Eric Alterman

  • MediaJanuary 28, 1999

    A Cold War Over the Cold War?

    Yale University Press's Annals of Communism series, begun in 1995, is among the most ambitious and influential scholarly undertakings to address the historical role of Communism and the Soviet

    Eric Alterman

  • PoliticsOctober 6, 1997

    Heart of Whiteness

    Milton Friedman, Gary Bauer, William F. Buckley. Could we ask more of a cruise?

    Eric Alterman

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  • January 27, 1997

    TNR: The Long Goodbye

    A once-liberal magazine finally decides it hates them. 

    Eric Alterman