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Emily Lodish

Emily Lodish is a fall 2005 intern at The Nation.

  • FictionDecember 20, 2005

    Out of Place

    Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits, portraits of the Moroccan immigrants in Spain, gracefully evokes the unease of immigrants caught adrift between the stagnation of their old homes and the hope of their lives on a new shore.

    Emily Lodish

  • December 10, 2005

    Jonathan Kozol: Listen to the Children

    Jonathan Kozol, honored with the Puffin/Nation Prize for Creative Citizenship, has spent his professional life actively listening to children and passionately advocating for the education they deserve.

    Emily Lodish

  • EnvironmentNovember 15, 2005

    An E-Cycling Nightmare

    E-cycling used computers to the Third World may sound idealistic, but in reality it’s just a new way to dump toxic waste.

    Emily Lodish