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David Thomson

David Thomson is the author of The Whole Equation: A History of
, The New Biographical Dictionary of Film and a book on Nicole
Kidman, to be published in September (all from Knopf). He lives in San Francisco.

  • The Sheltering Shy

    Satirist Alan Bennett’s Untold Stories is a packed suitcase of a book by one of Britain’s finest writers, exploring the ra

    David Thomson

  • BiographyNovember 17, 2005

    I Act, Therefore I Am

    Admired from a distance and reviled up close, Laurence Olivier could establish a relation with his audience that was like an infection. His official biography chronicles a personal life of an actor who altered the cultural compass of a nation.

    David Thomson

  • Books and IdeasNovember 24, 2004

    An Appetite for Liebling

    If we had four or five Abbott Joseph Lieblings in Iraq and Washington, it might be a different war, one in which those hugely amiable, observant and amusable souls could bring us the news that, y

    David Thomson

  • BiographyJanuary 22, 2004

    All You Need Is a Girl and a Gun

    Colin MacCabe’s new book is more a provocative polemic than a rounded biography, but it deserves the highest praise for being inspired by the belief that in the early 1960s Jean-Luc Godard grabbe

    David Thomson

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