David Corn

is Mother Jones' Washington bureau chief. Until 2007, he was Washington editor of The Nation.

Bradley’s Long Shot Bradley’s Long Shot

How do you beat a sitting vice president in a presidential nomination contest? There's no established game plan, because no one's ever done it.

Aug 5, 1999 / Editorial / David Corn

Bill Bradley: Can He Get Into the Game? Bill Bradley: Can He Get Into the Game?

On April 30, 1992, Bill Bradley strode to the podium of the US Senate. The previous night, riots had erupted in Los Angeles following a not-guilty verdict in the first Rodney Kin...

Jun 17, 1999 / Feature / David Corn

Bradley’s Two Pauls Bradley’s Two Pauls

One man is the symbol of Wall Street power. The other rose to prominence as a grassroots hellraiser. One believes in top-down control of the economy and celebrates global capita...

Apr 29, 1999 / Editorial / David Corn

Hawks, Doves & Ducks Hawks, Doves & Ducks

As NATO was beginning its fourth week of not-yet-successful persuasion bombing, several progressive members of the House gathered privately to hash out their views of President C...

Apr 21, 1999 / Editorial / David Corn

Looking for Mr. Right Looking for Mr. Right

"I am it."

Mar 18, 1999 / Books & the Arts / David Corn

Clinton’s Choice Clinton’s Choice

With the impeachment slogfest over, Congressional Democrats, particularly the liberals, once again face the ever-aggravating matter of their thorny relationship with President C...

Feb 18, 1999 / Editorial / David Corn

Starr’s Right-Hand Man Starr’s Right-Hand Man

As the impeachment trial was slouching toward completion, another issue began rising in prominence: Can Bill Clinton be indicted while he's President?

Feb 4, 1999 / Editorial / David Corn

Theme Wars 2000 Theme Wars 2000

It was yet another Washington confab where Democrats gathered in a hotel to ponder their prospects.

Jan 28, 1999 / Feature / David Corn

The Prosecution and Persecution of Ron Carey The Prosecution and Persecution of Ron Carey

Ron Carey looked like a tired stereotype: the disgraced labor boss on the witness stand, with dark bags beneath his eyes, denying accusations of wrongdoing in a made-in-Queens ac...

Mar 19, 1998 / Feature / David Corn