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Annia Ciezadlo

Annia Ciezadlo, a journalist based in Beirut, has written for The New Republic and the Christian Science Monitor.

  • Non-fiction February 21, 2007

    Sect Symbols

    To understand why the playground of Beirut has again become a battleground, look beyond the myth-making biographies of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

    Annia Ciezadlo

  • Regions and Countries August 2, 2006

    Dreams Deferred in Lebanon

    The wounds of the country's long civil war and Israeli occupation were gradually healing. That fragile recovery now lies buried under the rubble of renewed fighting.

    Annia Ciezadlo

  • Regions and Countries July 17, 2006

    Fear and Shopping in Beirut

    As Lebanon braces for a descent into an all-too-familiar chaos, anger and the quest for comfort have sent people to the streets in search of bread and someone to blame. Anna Ciezadlo reports from Beirut that when Iraqis are text-messaging from Baghdad to see if you're OK, you know it's not good.

    Annia Ciezadlo

  • Regions and Countries March 10, 2005

    Cedar or Sapling?

    Ever since a massive bomb killed former prime minister Rafik Hariri on February 14, downtown Beirut has evolved into a solemn carnival, halfway between a wake and a rave.

    Annia Ciezadlo