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Alexander Bakshy

  • FilmFebruary 1, 2009

    The Jazz Singer

    Hollywood's first talking film marked the beginning of the end for some of cinema's biggest stars, but it did preserve the talent of Al Jolson on celluloid.

    Alexander Bakshy

  • FilmJanuary 23, 2009

    City Lights

    Though the era of talking films was well underway, this lovely silent film about the Little Tramp and a poor blind girl remained Charlie Chaplin's personal favorite.

    Alexander Bakshy

  • FilmJanuary 5, 2009

    All Quiet on the Western Front

    Eye-deep in hell during World War I.

    Alexander Bakshy

  • FilmJanuary 2, 2008

    The Front Page

    One of three versions of Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur's madcap newspaper comedy from a period when reporters probably did call their city rooms and say, "Hello, sweetheart, get rewrite."

    Alexander Bakshy

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