This week, we bring you the to the heart of the several-thousand-strong #IStandWithKap rally held outside NFL Headquarters on Park Avenue, in New York City. We have engaging interviews and riveting speeches—including my own, short speech that I was honored to be asked to give. Thank you to The Nation’s Miguel Salazar for his help doing interviews at the rally.

Choice Words is brought to you by Erica Harris DeValve, Princeton grad and the wife of Cleveland Browns tight end Sean DeValve, the first white NFL player to take a knee in these national-anthem protests. She explains why her husband should not be seen as a “savior.” We also respond to listener calls about whether or not the NFL’s treatment of Colin Kaepernick will make you less inclined to watch football. And stay strong Houston!

Zirin & Miguel Salazar
The NFL Is More Comfortable With Concussions Than Conscience

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