NFL Coaching Hires: How Racist Is This League?

NFL Coaching Hires: How Racist Is This League?

NFL Coaching Hires: How Racist Is This League?

Charles Modiano stops by to talk about the NFL’s recent coaching hires.


This week we speak to New York Daily News sports writer Charles Modiano about his writing on the NFL’s coaching hires over the last month: hires that have all but practically eliminated black head coaches from the league.

Also we also have Choice Words about the case of Maori Davenport. If you don’t know it, you should. In addition we have the Just Stand Up award to tennis legend Andy Murray and Just Sit Your Ass Down award to John Engler, and a personal Kaepernick watch. All that and more on this week’s show.

Charles Modiano
Measuring Jim Caldwell: What the Jets and NFL GMs can learn from the Lions’ great mistake
Twitter: @ChuckModi1

Maori Davenport’s Case Exposes the Sham of ‘Amateurism’

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