#MeToo: Sexual Assault & Sports

#MeToo: Sexual Assault & Sports

Olympic legend Nancy Hogshead-Makar talks to us about the #MeToo campaign and its effect on sports.


We speak to three-time gold medalist and civil-rights attorney Nancy Hogshead-Makar about how the #MeToo movement is shaping the world of sports, as well as about her own work in shedding light on sexual abuse in the field of athletics over the years. We look at the big picture of sexual violence in sports, while also getting into the legal weeds. I cannot imagine a more important topic for this moment or a better person with whom to discuss all of this.

Additionally, I have some “Choice Words” about Jerry Jones and whether he’s all bark, no bite; and a “Just Stand Up” award to McKayla Maroney for coming forward; and we travel cross the pond for our Just Sit Down award. All that and much more!

Nancy Hogshead-Makar
Twitter: @Hogshead3Au
Champion Women Website
ESPN: #MeToo shows need for tighter rules in club and Olympic sports

Looks Like Jerry Jones Isn’t Going to Punish His Players for Protesting After All

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