Letters From the July 11/18, 2022, Issue

Letters From the July 11/18, 2022, Issue

Letters From the July 11/18, 2022, Issue

Not just a women’s issue… How we win… Collective power…


Not Just a Women’s Issue

Re “The Fight for Abortion After Roe Falls,” by Amy Littlefield [May 30/June 6]: Too many people thought Roe v. Wade was all that was needed. Except among some feminists, there was little thought about continuous organizing to protect access to abortion services, which were not widely seen as related to health—an intersectional issue connected to education, income, housing, and equal opportunity for everyone. So long as it was seen as a “niche issue” for women and not a social and political issue that affected everyone, directly or indirectly, there was always something else that was considered more important. Now women of color and poor women, especially, will pay the highest price.
Carolyn Wallace

How We Win

Elie Mystal reminds us to look to abortion clinic escorts for lessons on how to fight moral battles [“The Moral Fight,” May 30/June 6]. This is an excellent starting point for all Democrats. Maybe especially elected ones. I recently took the time to meet a retired woman who had volunteered as an abortion clinic escort here in Southern California. She was probably about my age (60) and had originally worked as an RN. She identified as a Seventh Day Adventist, part of the community in nearby Riverside County. What I left with is the impression that the escorts come from all kinds of backgrounds, and are forced to make personal commitments and sacrifices most elected officials might not dare dream of.
Walter Pewen

This has to be one of the finest columns Elie Mystal has written. I am so very pleased that The Nation gives such prominent place to his commentary. These are appalling times we live in, and we desperately need the kind of forceful, fluent, and no-nonsense message that he continually sends our way. Long may he prosper!
Fred Coleman
akron, ohio

Collective Power

Re “The National Grid as Political Metaphor,” by Jessi Jezewska Stevens [May 30/June 6]: Inconsistent as solar and wind energy can be, there is, on the other hand, the reliability of geothermal, biomass, and, hopefully soon, wave energy. Additionally, an alternative to the grid would be to require new construction to be self-sufficient, integrating renewable energy, and also to augment existing structures with renewable sources.

My energy company is swapping out my electrical panel next month in an effort to improve the grid, but I don’t think grid work or any effort except transitioning off of fossil fuels will hold back climate change. Nuclear power is out of the question: Accumulated radioactive waste will harm future generations. In my frustration with government efforts, I wonder if an international boycott of fossil fuels by the public, coordinated on the Internet, would be possible.
Kathleen Freeman

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