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This week, we recap the Super Bowl with Melissa Jacobs from The Football Girl and host of The Football Girl Podcast. The Philadelphia Eagles sure didn’t consider social justice a distraction en route to the Super Bowl. What’s next for both the Eagles and the New England Patriots?

During Choice Words, we examine how the Eagles used their platform to speak out for others and still came out on top—yes, you can do both. The City of Brotherly Love is where you’ll find our Just Stand Up Award, and as for Dodge, what were you thinking, misusing Martin Luther King’s words? Sit Your Ass Down! As always, we’ve got a Kaepernick watch and more on this week’s show!

Melissa Jacobs
Founder of TheFootballGirl.com and host of The Football Girl Podcast
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Dave Zirin
The Eagles’ Super Bowl Win Shows That Having a Conscience Does Not Distract From Winning the Game