Justice, janitor, Albany, New York

Quarantined in my apartment, I put out a call on Twitter saying that I wanted to draw those workers who could not stay at home: delivery people, shelf stockers at grocery stores, nurses, janitors, and cashiers. In the next few hours, more than 50 people wrote to me. I drew these portraits from the selfies they sent me in their work clothes. These are the underpaid, ignored, essential workers who have always made the earth move—and now are forced to risk their lives doing it.

Ross Grooters, railway worker, Iowa

Seanan El Daher, delivery nurse, Rhode Island

Sarah, pharmacy clerk, Tustin, California

John, janitorial facilities cleaner, Paso Robles, California

Jay, warehouse worker, Texas

Dot, physician assistant, New York City, New York

Anty, grocery shopper, Brooklyn, New York

Abby, grocery store cashier, New Jersey

Aaron, grocery store worker, Morningside Heights, New York

Alison, Target worker, Massachusetts

Jacob, paramedic, Ohio

Simon, delivery worker for goPuff, Texas

This project was made possible in part by support from the Economic Hardship Reporting Project.