In America, the land is a ghost of the land
In America, the land is the land of the ghost
In America, the land of the ghost in the land
In America, the land is the ghost

In America, the ghost is the land
er ica th e
land of the
[is the] [free]

table {
border-style: solid;
border-style: law;
empire’s bottom line;
gross domestic product: lifespans;
border-style: a timeline moving forward;
from an ancient south
the line itself a manufactured record
manufacturing a state;
dividing those who remember
from those who don’t;
those who belong to the past from
those who belong to the future
border-style: manifest;
(who is entitled to a destiny?)
parent-table=td nth-child {
the fates = child.value (row.cells)
cell value: the wolf womb;
: the timewound;
: the dark pines shining back eyes;
: the shineback;
: the wailing woman;
: the strike from a man;
: the scalpel of the state;
: the cut flower;
: the fist in the girl;
: the half-moon between nations;
: the first-generation border patrol;
: the drawing of a cell;
: the coyote’s den;
: the way out;
} /* Global values */
<input id=”orphans” type=”text” value=”unset”>
orphans: inherit;
orphans: revert;
child-table=nested; border-style: hidden;
display: table cell;
overflow: hidden;
visibility: hidden;
border-color: inherit;
(every migration is the carrying of a child
toward home)
border-style: family photo;
mira el piojito en chanclas
still screaming for his mother
next to the man with the gun
a child’s abject terror, abstracted on loop
a silence between sides
sound check
back to you