Yes, of course: in the end, we found the guilty ones, aliens over-running the route.

We were not alone: we had to be tough.

It’s true: we were outnumbered. But for quality we hold the record. Which is why we
will never lose first place when it comes to terror.

It’s good to appear peaceful. As justification for the paragon of modern crime.
There’s no trace of the past, no more “live up to our motto.”

Let the misinformed old guys have their rest and the new generation go out on attack!

Although it’s true, absolutely true, that since time immemorial those laws gave us
total power and this star has never lost its cushion of sky and purity and the
Western, Christian breath of our guardian angels, who got bloodied each time
it was in our interest.

Which is why we’re still in first place when it comes to being free and up-to-date.
And we can never go back or repent or show our face because we follow orders
and keep secrets.

Yes, there is something visible in the invisible.


Translated from the Spanish by Marguerite Feitlowitz