This week on RadioNation: our year in review. It’s the best
segments and most compelling interviews from 2008. JoAnn Wypijewski from
Ohio on the eve of the “white working class primary;” Victor Navasky on
what media got it the most wrong on Iraq; Arthur Danto on the state of
modern art; Naomi Klein from July predicting what happened in September;
and John Nichols and Sarah Goldberg report from Alaska on Sarah Palin.

Also a programming note this week, as we’re transitioning
RadioNation. RadioNation with Laura Flanders as of next
week becomes GRIT Radio with Laura Flanders, produced in
conjunction with her television program, GRIT TV. The program will be
faster paced and still feature Nation guests, but include more
roundtable discussions and debates. If you are signed up for the RSS
feed your feed will not change. The program will still appear weekly in
this space as well until mid-2009, when The Nation will introduce
a new series of podcasts and audio. For more visit GRIT TV.

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