We’ve spent considerable time at The Nation detailing the increasingly muddy ethics trail being traveled by House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. And, every day, new details come out demonstrating that DeLay is the most corrupt politician in Congress.

DeLay has violated ethics rules, virtually at will; abused his position as Majority Leader to trample on the legislative process; used illegal corporate contributions to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of Texas voters with his anti-democratic re-districting scheme and used tax dollars and government resources for partisan political gain.

Some Republicans are even beginning to worry that he may be a liability. A GOP political consultant close to top lawmakers, including DeLay, told the Washington Post over the weekend: “If death comes from a thousand cuts, Tom DeLay is into a couple hundred, and it’s getting up there. The situation is negatively fluid right now for the guy. You start hitting arteries, it only takes a couple.”

So, as Public Campaign’s (and former Nation editor) Micah Sifry says in a public letter he’s circulating, “let’s hit an artery.” Click here to sign Public Campaign’s new petition Without DeLay and help spread the word about Public Campaign’s efforts to make DeLay pay for putting himself above the law.

Bonus Blog Link:Click here to read The Daily DeLay, a project of Public Campaign Action Fund, designed to expose Tom “The Hammer” DeLay’s anti-democratic, pro-special interest agenda.