We have only two days until the FCC votes to kill net neutrality. That’s why sites from Reddit to Etsy to Mozilla have joined today’s plan to ‘Break the Internet’ with an overwhelming number of messages to Congress demanding that it stop the FCC’s plan.

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This week, we’re asking you to make two urgent phone calls. First, call Congress to demand it defend net neutrality. Then call your member of the House of Representatives at 844-311-7810 and implore them to reject the latest version of the Republican’s tax plan, which gives huge tax breaks to the rich and sets the stage for cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, and public education.


Help net neutrality activists “Break the Internet.” Sign up to tweet every 10 minutes, add a banner to any websites to which you may have access, post on Facebook and other social-media sites, and e-mail as many of your friends as you can.


Last week, Congress voted for a two-week extension on the must-pass budget bill and activists are demanding that Democrats reject it if the Dream Act has not yet passed—a distinct possibility. With 86 percent of the American people believing that DACA recipients should be able to stay in the country, this should be an easy choice. Make plans to get to DC for Operation DREAM Act Now between December 18–22 to demand that Congress take action. And if you can’t make it, be sure to call every day to demand your representatives fight for this needed law.

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