the face looks unquestionably
, the update tells you,
eyes have moved from sides
to front of the head
, ears right
where they should be
and you
wander your fingers along
their possibilities, wondering
what human means? they say
inhumane for the centuries
your ancestors were cut
from bellies, their ears
hung around men’s necks,
their eyes backed into the skull
or swallowed whole so gold
would grow inside another’s gut,
or else they were burned
so no man could taste
such wealth, inhumane,
for the women sown
back to back by men,
their bellies growing away
so when they pushed,
they’d show what body part
tears first, the stitch or skin,
inhumane, for a man taking you
without consent, for all
the taken women, but what’s
more human than such
violation, from Latin,
humanus, “of man,” how can
your unborn child,
come from this?