Good to see that picked up my recent Editor’s Cut regarding Gary Trudeau’s wonderful, inspired project, The Sandbox. That posting led to this very moving comment from a military parent….

This is fantastic- I cannot believe what a great idea this is and I am so grateful to Trudeau for conceiving of it and instituting it.

I am a member of Military Families Speak Out and though I do not speak for my organization, I know enough about the agonies that all of us face on a daily basis with regard to lack of honesty and reality with regard to this heinous war.

The degree of agony that all of us feel- and the nature of the deception, the atrocities commited against our own children with lack of medical care and even the lack of dignity as to the nature of their sacrifice is almost unbearable. If others can come to understand the futility and the disgrace of our foreign policy in Iraq and elsewhere perhaps we can overturn the likes of the propaganda as in this week’s comments by our vice president about how much progress we are making there. How do we make progress on a war based upon lies and certainly a war that could never be won at any level. My child and your children and all of your loved ones are at risk- we are killing not only the Iraqis and our soldiers- we are killing America.

Posted by nanachalfont at 04:59 PM : Oct 19, 2006