What’s going on?

The cruelty of the Trump administration’s family-separation policy has drawn the nation’s attention to the injustices often suffered by immigrants trying to build a better life in the United States.

Those injustices don’t stop at the border. Immigrants who have made the United States their home for decades have found themselves torn from their families and deported, sometimes back to countries where they face violence and human-rights violations.

Many of those concerned with the inhumane treatment of immigrants in this country are directing their ire toward the agencies responsible for the ripping apart of thousands of immigrant families: in particular, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Many powerful tech companies—including some that have spoken out against Trump’s family-separation policy—continue to do business with the agency and with Customs and Border Protection, which implements Trump’s family separation and detention policies. Microsoft, Dell, Motorola, Hewlett Packard Enterprises, and Salesforce all have contracts with immigration-enforcement agencies.

Activists and tech workers are trying to change that, calling on all tech companies to break their ties with ICE and CBP.

At Microsoft, over 100 workers recently signed a letter protesting their company’s current contract with ICE, asserting that they “refuse to be complicit” in the administration’s atrocities. Despite assertions that it is on the side of immigrants, Microsoft has yet to abide by its workers’ urgent and principled demand.

To get Microsoft and its peers to listen, we need thousands to demand that tech companies stop doing business with agencies that enact President Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda.

What can I do?

Join the campaign by telling all tech companies: “Stop assisting in the terrorization of immigrant communities. Drop all contracts with ICE and Border Patrol today.”

To All US Tech Companies:

Stop assisting in the terrorization of immigrant communities. Drop all contracts with ICE and Border Patrol today.

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