Last week, the Trump administration’s EPA launched a new assault on our air, water, and health. A new draft of an agency proposal would allow the EPA to reject any academic findings unless all raw data from the study—including confidential medical records—is handed over. The measure would create a big obstacle to new air and water rules, many of which rely on such academic research.

This week’s Take Action Now gives you two ways to stop the EPA’s aggressive war on our natural resources, and one way to make your voice heard on the presidential impeachment inquiry, as public hearings continue into their second week.

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Last Thursday, the EPA announced that it is reversing course on earlier plans to strengthen environmental safeguards for atrazine, a weed-killing pesticide that can cause birth defects and cancer. The new plan to weaken these regulations will increase by 50 percent the amount of atrazine allowed in US waterways and comes after Jeff Sands, a former pesticide-industry lobbyist, was appointed as an EPA adviser. Tell Congress to protect children, not corporate profits, by signing onto the “Ban Toxic Pesticides Act of 2019.”


In September, the total tally of environmental rules rolled back under Trump was up to 85—and it’s still growing. With such a constant barrage of anti-environmental deregulation, it’s crucial to keep a close watch on their next move. Check out and share the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Trump Watch for the latest EPA news, and donate to the NRDC’s Stop Trump Legal Fund or to EarthJustice to help prevent these dangerous new rules from taking effect.


Last week, House Democrats launched the public phase of the impeachment inquiry with testimonies from a trio of career diplomats. As week two of the public hearings unfolds, check out Impeachment Inquiry Now’s map of upcoming rallies and town halls where you can keep up the pressure on your elected officials, and help ensure that the Senate holds a fair and open impeachment trial by calling voters in key areas to help them connect with their senators.