Take Action Now: Say No to Endless War

Take Action Now: Say No to Endless War

Take Action Now: Say No to Endless War

Support Puerto Ricans and Australians confronting economic crisis, stand up for Temporary Protected Status, and oppose military escalation.


More than a week after the Trump administration’s assassination of Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, it’s clear that tensions are far from over: This weekend, security forces in Iran attacked demonstrators protesting the military’s unintentional downing of a Ukrainian passenger plan. As the unrest continues, we have to keep working for peace and supporting people facing wars and disasters across the globe.

This week’s Take Action Now gives you ways to help Puerto Ricans and Australians confronting storms and fires, to push for an end to military escalation with Iran, and to support immigrants fleeing war and environmental crises.

Take Action Now gives you three meaningful actions you can take each week whatever your schedule. You can sign up here to get these actions and more in your inbox every Tuesday.


Last Tuesday, just two years after Hurricane Maria devastated the island, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Puerto Rico. The quake destroyed homes and caused an island-wide power outage. Check out Remezcla’s list of local organizations that are accepting donations to help provide free meals and post-disaster legal aid to recovering Puerto Ricans. You can donate to the Australian Red Cross to support Australians as they recover from hundreds of catastrophic fires that have scorched millions of acres of land, destroyed more than 2,000 homes, and killed at least 24 people.


Across the United States, people are mobilizing to end unnecessary war. Call your senators and tell them to join the House in endorsing the War Powers Act, which would force Trump to obtain authorization from Congress before taking further military action in Iran. Watch this webinar from Code Pink to learn how US military action is already affecting Iranians on the ground in Tehran. Then, prepare for the International Day of Action on January 25 by finding your local No War with Iran rally. If there isn’t one planned yet, sign up here to organize one yourself.


This week, the Trump administration will decide whether to extend Temporary Protected Status for Somali families here in the US escaping war, floods, and famine. Tell your representatives to pressure the Department of Homeland Security to protect Somali families. Then, find a local committee of the National TPS Alliance in your area and see how you can get involved. Check out Stand With Immigrants’ volunteer guide on how to support immigrants through volunteering at a naturalization workshop, participating in a detention visitation program and teaching English. Scroll down to search for opportunities by state or ZIP Code.

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