The midterms are over, and one-party rule in Washington will end next year as Democrats take control of the House of Representatives. Now, the work begins: As the new Congress convenes, we need to ensure we hold the Democratic leadership accountable and push them to advocate for progressive values. This week’s Take Action Now focuses on ways to stay involved after the election. 

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The Georgia governor’s race has yet to be called. Though Republican Brian Kemp still has a slight lead over Democrat Stacey Abrams, Kemp’s campaign was clouded by accusations of voter suppression and widespread voting difficulties on Election Day. Abrams, who would be the first black woman governor in US history, has sued to ensure every vote is counted. Chip into her campaign here as she continues to fight for a fair election.


The Democratic majority in Congress will have the power to issue subpoenas and hold investigations, including of President Trump’s financial dealings and long-withheld tax returns. Sign and share this petition calling for a full-scale investigation of Trump’s long history of suspected fraud, and if your congressperson or congressperson-elect is a Democrat, call them directly and urge them to push for an investigation as well. 


Now that Democrats have the House, we need a real plan to deal with climate change. Sunrise Movement is building power around this issue, and you can help them by joining or founding a Sunrise Hub in your community. Hubs aim to increase turnout for climate-related actions and pressure elected representatives to take a stand against the fossil-fuel industry.