Comcast is the last media company you’d want to get bigger. The conglomerate poised to take over NBC and become the biggest media corporation in the world is notorious for overcharging customers, overpaying executives, firing workers who try to join unions, terrible customer service and attacking Net Neutrality.

If the deal goes through, as our friends at Free Press have pointed out, Comcast — a terrible cable and broadband provider — will become a terrible content provider, absorbing dozens of cable networks and 27 television stations, influencing 200 NBC affiliates and even owning a few theme parks (yes, theme parks). One immediate consequence could be skyrocketing cable and Internet bills. This video explains why we must urge the FCC to stop the Comcast-NBC deal.

Thanks to public outcry over the merger, the FCC is considering opposing the acquisition. The agency has opened a month-long public comment period. This is the time for concerned citizens to register objections to this disastrous deal. Check the Free Press site for background info and send a comment today.