In a triumphant return from his three-week hiatus, Jon Stewart digs into
the outrageous behavior of the tea party protesters this past Saturday
in Washington DC, and of course, Fox News’ biased coverage of the event.
Stewart begins with clips of Michelle Malkin and Sean Hannity’s harsh
comments on past anti-war protests during the Bush era, in which Malkin
even goes so far as to say that “temper tantrums are all the left has to
offer.” This irony of this remark is not lost when Stewart cuts to their network’s congratulatory coverage of the tea baggers, in which Hannity emphatically says “god bless all of you.” Stewart ends the segment with his clever criticism of Glenn Beck, “everyone’s favorite bi-polar TV host,” and his 9/12 project which as evidenced, does little but incite rage from the already angry right-wing.

Alana Levinson

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