Guest-host Eliot Spitzer takes over The Dylan Ratigan Show and invites Ari Melber, Net Movement Correspondent for The Nation, and Chris Stirewalt, Political Editor of the Washington Examiner, to the show to talk about the legal battle over Arizona’s controversial immigration law. While Obama recently visited Mexican President Felipe Calderon and is reportedly considering sending National Guard troops to secure the border, the ACLU filed a lawsuit against SB 1070 and Janet Napolitano—former Arizona Governor and now the Secretary of Homeland Security—told John McCain at a Senate hearing, “that’s not the kind of law I would have signed.”

Spitzer asks Melber to explain what possible legal challenge there could be against Arizona’s new immigration law. Melber argues that this is more about how the law is implemented than how it’s drafted. “There are ways that people can argue that as applied this does not in fact discriminate on race and then you get into different policy questions,” Melber explains. “Most opponents say this is bad policy even if it were found constitutional.”

—Morgan Ashenfelter