One year after their revolution, Egyptians are facing a much deeper struggle.

In the year since their historic overthrow of Hosni Mubarak’s regime, Egyptians have witnessed a violent and brutal crackdown on dissent by the ruling military council (SCAF), leading many youth to call for a reinvigorated revolution. Reporting from Cairo, Sharif Kouddous called in to speak with The Nation‘s Liliana Segura about the uncertainties that Egyptians face today, such as the fate of the military council and the many daunting political challenges—drafting a constitution by May, for example, and handing power from the SCAF to a civilian government by June—whose timely accomplishment is doubted by many observers. Read Kouddouss’s article, “Tahrir One Year Later: The Fight for Egypt’s Future,” in this week’s issue of the magazine, for more on Egypt’s changing political landscape.

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Elizabeth Whitman