Scott Pruitt has been on a taxpayer-funded spending spree. As EPA administrator, Pruitt should be protecting our environment and the public health; instead, he is rolling back regulations while squandering taxpayer money to defray his outrageous expenses. Currently, there are at least 10 investigations into his potential violations, like his $43,000 private phone booth, his lobbyist-owned condo deal, extravagant trips abroad, and his unapproved pay raises to aides.

It’s time to #FirePruitt. His time at the EPA has been mired in secrecy, wasteful spending, and rampant conflicts of interest. Three officials close to Pruitt have already resigned amid scrutiny: his head of personal security; his top aide and longtime friend, whom Pruitt appointed despite his having no prior experience; and the EPA’s top communications official.

A hundred and seventy Democratic legislators have signed a resolution calling for Pruitt’s resignation. A growing number of Republicans and even Fox News have said it’s time for Pruitt to go. We need to keep up the pressure.