Elizabeth Royte’s major new investigative report in The Nation gives voice to the urgent cries of farmers and ranchers raising alarms about the risks of fracking to human health. As her reporting makes clear, the early evidence from heavily fracked regions suggests that drilling and fracking operations represent a serious threat to the nation’s food security.


Implore your reps to support the FRAC ACT, which would remove the fracking exemption to the Safe Drinking Water Act and ensure the disclosure and monitoring of the chemicals used in the process. Then, find out about local initiatives you can join to resist the energy industry’s fracking push.


This New York Review of Books essay by Bill McKibben debunks the core arguments made in favor of fracking: "Fracked gas is not a ‘bridge fuel’ to some cleaner era, but a rickety pier extending indefinitely out into a hotter future."


Josh Fox’s “The Sky Is Pink” is an explosive eighteen-minute video revealing a slew of industry documents detailing serious concerns about well safety and water contamination connected to fracking.

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