Sarah Palin to Run the RNC?

Sarah Palin to Run the RNC?

Sarah Palin’s capacity to mobilize in spite of her gaffes makes her a more dangerous candidate to head the RNC.


Amidst buzz that Sarah Palin could replace Michael Steele as RNC chairman, The Nation‘s Ari Melber joins The Dylan Ratigan Show to weigh in on who’s more dangerous. "Would they be just trading in one clown for another?" guest-host Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) asks. Both are incredibly gaffe-prone, but Palin possesses a power to mobilize that would be far more worrisome for liberals, Melber says. "Michael Steele never gets anything for his gaffes. He upsets his base and has everyone else shaking their head… while [Palin] is polarizing, she does it in a way that’s mobilizing. I think she could be powerful in the midterms."

But the argument is probably a moot point, as it’s unlikely that Palin will trade her current money-making post for a chance at heading the RNC. "Obviously, she’s unlikely to do this because it would cut into her income, and that, we’ve seen, has been her core priority," Melber says.

—Carrie Battan

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