In the run-up to this Tuesday’s Texas primary, Congressman Ron Paul is facing a challenge from one Chris Peden, the personable Republican mayor pro tem of Friendswood, who says the 20-year Congressman is out there “to make a point, not a difference.” (Out of 351 pieces of legislation Paul has sponsored, notes Peden, only six have made it out of committee, and none has ever passed.)

Wonkette braves the wrath of the Paulhards to take its satire to Texas:

To most American political fanatics, Ron Paul is just a goofy hobbit whose hilariously doomed online presidential campaign provided standout entertainment in a year that offered a wealth of hilariously doomed campaigns.

But to many of his constituents in Texas Congressional District 14, Ron Paul is just a blame-America-first attention whore who completely ignores the people who put him in office…

No independent polls have been released; both candidates claim the advantage in the March 4th primary. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, as of Feb. 13, Paul had $279,256 cash on hand; Peden had less than half that amount.