The Racialized Response to Richard Sherman

The Racialized Response to Richard Sherman

The Racialized Response to Richard Sherman

On last night's episode of All in With Chris Hayes, the guests criticized the racialized response to the Seattle Seahawks cornerback's animated post-game interview. 


After making a career-defining play that sent his team to the Superbowl, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman launched into a spirited on-camera rant against ‘49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree. The clip has since gone viral, and Chris Hayes spoke with Nation writer Dave Zirin, commentator Tara Dowdell and former-NFL player Roman Oben about the racialized response to Sherman’s diatribe. As Zirin pointed out, “It’s a racial Rorschach test by so many in politics who want free speech and want people to be passionate, but only certain people.”
—Allegra Kirkland

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